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At Revnomix we think about your business, your sustainability, your profits and your growth. And since our decisions are based on proven data analytics, we ensure delivery of optimal revenue and solid financial results. So it doesn’t matter what your business challenges are – Analytics, Pricing, Optimal Chanel Management, E-Commerce, Food & Beverages and Event or Ancillaries, you can partner with us and progress with us.




The power of analytics is the core of Revnomix

Your hotel is not just about your spacious rooms promising the ultimate stay experience. It is about your suave restaurant that dishes out the perfect gastronomical experience catering to every taste bud. It is also about the cutting edge facilities that help your guests to be at work even when they are miles away from their offices or homes. So how do you cash on all the resources you have & facilities that you provide?Total Revenue Management is the answer. Total Revenue Management is a science of optimizing revenue from all the source & a technique of arriving at the most profitable business mix. Total Revenue Management is an art of turning every guest touch point into an opportunity.

With Revnomix, manage your revenue better, discover the true business potential of your resources & gain a distinct competitive advantage.


Meet the Thinkers – Our Team


Prakash Singh

Co-founder of Revnomix, Prakash comes with immense experience in Revenue Management. What interests him in Revenue Management is the Power of Analytics. He believes that one can bring a positive change in the business environment through right strategy derived through appropriate data analysis. His last stint was with IHG, where he was based out of the Group’s Bangkok Corporate Office supporting the portfolio of hotels in the Asia and Australia region. Prakash also brings to Revnomix his experience gained from learnings at Hilton Worldwide and IDeaS Revenue Solutions.

Prakash is an expert swimmer, a prolific reader and a mountain car rally enthusiast.


Sainath Vernekar

Sainath is the co-founder of Revnomix and heads Sales & Marketing. With over a decade spent in the hospitality segment, he has held key sales management positions with leading hotel companies such as Hilton, Intercontinental Hotel Group & Hyatt. This experience has helped him to gain expertise in understanding challenges for travel industry partners in today’s competitive environment.

Backed by a degree in Hotel Management (IHM Bengaluru), Sainath is an avid traveler & a wine connoisseur.


Sameer Kulkarni

Sameer, fondly addressed as “Sam” by his team, is co-founder of Revnomix. Sam is a data scientist with over 15 years experience in hotel data sciences. The application of the concepts of mathematics and statistics in solving the real world problems faced especially by the hoteliers in the fields of revenue management intrigues him. He was associated with the IDeaS a sas company for over 10 years. Where he achieved many laurels, including the much coveted “President’s Award for Innovation”. He heads the Research and Development initiatives for developing new concepts, algorithms, tools and systems.

Besides being an expert data scientist, Sam is an avid trekker as well.


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