Hotels, big or small, collect large amounts of data on a daily basis. Only few large hotel chains have the capabilities to consolidate, manage and analyse the collected data to arrive at informed decision making. The remaining hotels face the challenge of consolidation of data, data management and paucity of skilled manpower. Revnomix Solutions was formed to address this gap in data analytics and its application in the hospitality industry.

Revnomix Hotel Data Analytics provides simplified solutions to hotels to process data, make informed, accurate decisions and grow their business. We utilise our experience, the latest technology and customer service to make data analytics & business intelligence seamless for our clients. We work as an extension of our client’s business rather than vendors. This approach has helped us build trust amongst our clients over the years. We are presently working with a diverse portfolio of clients including chain hotels, resorts, stand-alone hotels, revenue management companies and multinational hotel chains across metros and tier II and III cities.

Our Team

Revenue Management in the hospitality industry is majorly driven by Analytics, Technology, Revenue Management Application, and Commercial Acumen. Revnomix has recognized this critical requirement of the industry. Revnomix Solutions team members are predominately from Hotel, Analytics, and Technology background.

Core Team

Sameer Kulkarni
Research & Development and Data Analytics
Prakash Singh
Revenue Management Operations
Sainath Vernekar
Sales and Marketing

Power of Analytics is core of Revnomix

We use Data Analytics & Business Intelligence to Maximize Hotel Revenues