The offsite revenue management service offered by Revnomix addresses the key revenue optimization needs a hotel may have.
We, at Revnomix, use the most advanced Business Intelligence tools, processes, concepts and technology often unavailable to a lot of hotels. Another advantage of this service is avoidance of common HR challenges and costs.


Optimal Pricing will influence Right Demand at Right time & at Right Value

Pricing is not only the deciding factor for Performance and Profitability but also for determining the value of an asset. Hotels should look at increasing rates for high demand days to maximise revenue generation and decreasing rate on low demand days to maximise occupancy.

  • Daily Pricing Pick up & Pace Monitoring
  • Rate Intelligence & Price Optimization
  • Demand Calendar -Special Event Pricing
  • Market Segment Pricing
  • Negotiated Pricing Guidance (Corporate / wholesale)
  • GDS Pricing Management (RFP’s & Consortia)
  • Competition Price Tracking & Market Trends


Optimal Positioning will influence Right Customer at Right Value

Optimal Positioning will attract affluent guest who will contribute towards increasing room revenue and will support revenues for other departments like F & B etc. A hotel, that is correctly positioned & presented tends to be booked more frequently than its competitors. Smart Positioning of the hotel can increase the value of the asset considerably.

  • OTA Strategies & Tactical Management
  • Price Quality Analysis
  • Hotel Positioning – (Standardized Content, Dynamic Pricing, Inventory Management, Ranking, Review Score & Reputation)
  • GAP Analysis – OTA Set Up & System Mapping


Booking Pace will influence right booking at right time with right length of Stay

Ongoing Pace monitoring is necessary to control booking volume for future dates. It will also guide in taking pricing controls in advance on busy & non-busy nights.

  • Monitor Daily Booking Pace at Multiple Level
  • Control & Monitor Restrictions
  • Price
  • Length of Stay (LOS)
  • Close to Arrival (CTA)
  • Close to Departure (CTD)


Performance is reflection of hotel’s strategies and execution

To identify Opportunities in business it is imperative that we study
Historical trends & Patterns like day of week, booking pace by day of week, demand & value trends. This Intelligence can be utilized to forecast topline revenue, cost and profitability of the Hotel at multiple levels. The next step will be to align the hotels strategies with the data available

  • Forecast by Segment & Source
  • Business Analysis ( STR / Demand 360 & others)
  • Annual Budgeting
  • Intuitive & actionable dashboards & analytics

Dedicated Revenue Manager & Data Analyst
  • Weekly Revenue Commercial Meeting
  • Monthly Review
  • Customised Engagement & Communication
  • Customized MIS & Dashboard’s

Power of Analytics is core of Revnomix

We use Data Analytics & Business Intelligence to Maximize Hotel Revenues