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Boost your hotel business with the help of our intelligent strategy management system. Break free from static pricing with our dynamic pricing  and strategy management software.

Why RevSeed?

Trusted by leading hotel brands and independent hotels.

RevSeed integrates with your favorite channel managers and property management systems.

A unique Strategy Management System powered by AI & ML algorithms for pricing to help you make data-driven decisions.

RevSeed integrates with your favorite channel managers and property management systems!

A unique Strategy Management System powered by AI & ML algorithms for pricing to help you make data-driven decisions.

How Revseed works

Get FOUR STRATEGIES in one click.

RevSeed is a powerful and easy-to-use software that helps you optimize revenue, innovate processes and improve occupancy and rates.

Volume Strategy

Intended to optimize Volume (OCCUPANCY) within available demand.
Considering patterns such as Booking pace, Day of week trends (DOW), Competition pricing & business on books. RevSeed will recommend price to optimize Occupancy

Rate Strategy

Intended to optimize Rate (ADR) within available demand.
RevSeed evaluates the demand & accept high rated demand considering the available capacity. RevSeed will recommend price to Optimize Rate.

Market Linked Strategy

Competitors Market intelligence
Pricing recommended based on Hotel’s & Competitors Market intelligence like Pricing, Positioning & reputation (Ranking/Reviews/Ratings) on TripAdvisor, etc.

Availability Strategy

Make each room count.
Intended to achieve highest possible occupancy, predominantly pricing is derived based on the remaining capacity (Rooms Available to Sell).

24/7 support from Certified Revenue Managers.

Optimize profits at your property through smart technology built by hoteliers for hotels to address the gap in data analytics and its application in the hospitality industry. 

  • Boost revenue from operations by upto 20%
  • Increase operational efficiency with effective time management
  • Reduce errors with efficient analysis, prediction and implementation
  • Improve guest experience and repeat bookings

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Whether you have one property or a portfolio of properties, RevSeed has all the features you need to optimize your revenue. There's no limit to how many properties you can add, so get started today!

We are here because of our clients and partners.

Helping over 500+ Hotel Chains and Groups, Standalone Resorts and Hotels, Asset Management Companies and Hotel Management Companies manage and grow revenue from operations exponentially, since 2015.

“Competent Team” “Revnomix Solutions offers a powerful suite of tools that enhances the on-line performance of the business. They have thorough understanding of the business and have competent support team in place to help out”

Ghulam Samdani Group CEO, Ole-Sereni Hotels

Working with Revnomix has been a pleasure . They have assisted us in achieving higher topline revenues by implementing defined Revenue Management Process along with data driven approach .Together we look forward to achieving many milestones.

Bani Haddad MD, Aleph Hospitality

Our Journey with Revnomix began in 2015, they are a great combination of Vision, unending energy and incredible attention to detail. Revnomix has guided us in skillfully applying revenue management practices at The Resort. They are perpetual champions of the benefits of revenue management implementation,

Satyajit Kotwal GM, The Resort Mumbai

Having Revnomix onboard with Sula was a good decision indeed and it shows through the impact it has had on both our Resorts – The Source at Sula and Beyond by Sula. The team is easy to work with and able to share dynamic pricing strategies, the implementation of same has provided us great results.

Monit Dhavale SVP - Hospitality, Sula Vineyards

The team at Revnomix Solutions have demonstrated both ingenuity and determination in their efforts to develop bespoke BI Tools for us. Going forward, we look forward to their continued support in sustaining and upgrading these tools in the years to come.

Jaynath Rangan Principal, Alembic Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Revnomix, has collaborated with us on Revenue management & Data Analytics Process automation. We have a dedicated Revenue & Data Analytics team for daily engagement & 24/7 monitoring

Jay Singh Owner, Paradigm Hotel Group